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Our expertise

The Millenia division evokes bygone days and timeless, enduring quality. Artisanal and heritage roofs require special care, and their full value needs to be appreciated. Groupe Pentagone is committed to meeting all applicable standards for the maintenance and rehabilitation of your unique roof, including its particular care requirements.

Respectful work

Our roofers receive ongoing training in the materials and methods appropriate for artisanal and heritage roofs. By always staying up-to-date, Groupe Pentagone is able to guarantee high-quality work. Whether the project is institutional, religious or heritage-related, you can be sure it will always be done using the best practices.

Metal roofs

There are many materials to choose from when opting for a sheet metal roof. Aluminum, copper, steel and numerous other metals are used for building highly durable roofs. They have a long useful life, they’re sturdy and resilient and, above all, they’re energy efficient. There are also a multitude of metal roof styles: vertical metal panels, corrugated and ribbed, interlocking metal shingles, and stone-coated steel tiles. A sheet-metal or other metal roof is the perfect solution for any climate. Snow, ice, freezing rain, hail, sunshine: a metal roof, when installed by the seasoned professionals at Groupe Pentagone, can last as long as a century.

Heritage conservation

Groupe Pentagone works on heritage preservation projects. Our experts help preserve the rich history and cultural value of magnificent materials like slate, copper, steel and zinc, safeguarding our architectural heritage for generations to come.

Recognized excellence

Our profession, is our passion. The roofing specialists at Groupe Pentagone offer custom solutions, and will work closely with you through every step of your project.

Our specialties

Since 1985, the breadth of Groupe Pentagone’s specializations has made it a well-known company in the artisanal and heritage roofing industry.

Metals and materials

We are always focused on the quality of our products and keeping up with emerging trends. That is why we add new sustainable materials such as recycled cedar shakes and recycled slate to our selection of materials.