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Preventive maintenance, inspection and evaluation

Preventive maintenance and inspection services

Extend your roof’s lifespan by entrusting preventive maintenance to the roofing experts at Groupe Pentagone. Annual or as-needed visits from our specialists can help prevent leaks and damage caused by improper crimping, cracks or other aging-related defects. Because roofing is Groupe Pentagone’s specialty, we provide preventive maintenance services for every type of roof, no matter how steep. Green, flat or almost flat, industrial or commercial: your roof is in good hands with Groupe Pentagone. 

Our preventive inspection service checks the performance of your roofing systems and helps prevent serious damage. The inspection service also ensures that roof-mounted equipment (drains, vents, etc.) and all waterproofing elements (flashing, sealants) are working properly. This work should be done once or twice a year by a Groupe Pentagone professional.

Evaluation of your roof

Our certified roof evaluation specialists will produce a brief written report assessing the condition of your roof systems. The report includes a detailed analysis, recommendations and budgets. The goal is to determine whether maintenance work is sufficient to prolong the useful life of the roof and its elements, or if reroofing is required. The evaluation of a roof is an essential management tool for planning your maintenance budgets.